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Our mission is to provide industry professionals and consumers with natural cosmetics that are effective, and ethically and responsibly produced.

Officine Cosmetics specializes in the distribution and marketing of outstanding natural beauty products without any health hazards.

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Strength in unity

Beyond their strong complicity, the owners of Officine Cosmetics share the same mission: contributing to making hair and body care products healthier. As distributors, they provide consumers with products that are selected for their ingredient transparency, respect for the environment and exceptional results.

Julie Montreuil

General Manager and Co-Founder of Officine Cosmetics

Sylvie Boulet

Director of Communications and Training, Co-Founder of Officine Cosmetics

Hélène St-Pierre

Director of Sales and Co-Owner of Officine Cosmetics

Julie is responsible for the operations and the general management of Officine Cosmetics’ production, distribution and marketing activities. Over the past 15 years, Julie has worked in a variety of contexts, including in the community, entrepreneurial and public sectors.

These various work experiences all included project management, public relations, promotion, marketing, business strategies and partnership building. She is known for her ability to bring people together to implement projects, with her analytical mind and strategic vision.

Sylvie has practised hairdressing for 34 years. Over time, and despite her focus on choosing so-called “less toxic” professional products, she developed respiratory allergies to ammonia and certain other ingredients. But since passion is stronger than reason, Sylvie pursued her career path, and she made some of her wildest dreams come true, while still working in a hairdressing salon. She worked for a few years as a TV studio hairdresser for Groupe TVA in Montreal, and she had the immense privilege of being a beauty columnist for the show Nous TV Magog in the Eastern Townships for three seasons, all while starting her beauty blog at SylvieBoulet.com.

After all these wonderful experiences, Sylvie was even more determined to continue her career, but in a new way. One day, a friend made her discover the Rodolphe & Co. line, which is more natural and organic, and her life literally changed. Sylvie is now co-owner of Officine Cosmetics, the exclusive distributor of Rodolphe & Co. products in Canada. As Director of Communications and Training, she shares her vision with many hair colorists who want just one thing, i.e., to make the hairdressing industry a safer workplace for their own health and their customers’ health, while respecting the environment by using high-qualify, safe, more natural and highly effective products.

Hélène was owner a hairdressing salon for 15 years. Always seeking new challenges, she joined Officine Cosmetics with great determination as co-owner and Director of Sales. With her knowledge of hair coloring and her passion for business development, she now travels the roads to propose an exceptional line of products to hairdressing professionals. Just like her partners, Hélène is convinced that, in the very near future, all the natural hair care products distributed by Officine Cosmetics will be loved by hairdressers, in addition to meeting an increasing consumer need for cosmetics that are safe for their health.

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